#Germans Own a Second Property – It’s called #Greece


7 Μαρτίου , 2012 από Hountas

Merkel has now fulfilled her "Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer" dream! I am not upset by what Spectator mag sais – I know whats happening gradually here…. I m only feeling sorry for the Free Germans! Its a bastard when they have to face her each and every night on the media parades .
But hey can be Free Greeks if theyd like though 😀 We got the best karaghiozee ever – Papademos! Now with new Dumbo+ ears! Get the all new "decisive" model today While stocks last!

UK Ad Provokes: “Germans Own a Second Property – It’s called Greece”

Posted by keeptalkinggreece in Very Mix

Do I miss the point here? Is it conservative British humour? Or just a malicious provocation against Greece? The conservative magazine “Spectator” chose a weird way for an Ad commercial. “Most Germans own a second property: it’s called Greece” claims the commercial that decorates space at UK’s public trains.

The picture was posted at reddit and has some nice comments as some users got really angry.

The magazine belongs to David and Frederick Barclay who also won the Daily Telegraph.

source: news247.gr

PS I remember last year there was another provocative UK Ad at the London Metro.


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