Deaths from flu double in a week in Greece «thanks» to austerity measures


20 Φεβρουαρίου , 2014 από Hountas

The majority of the flu victims had not been inoculated, according to data. Only a third of Greeks belonging to high-risk groups has been immunized this year, according to estimates.

Scientists attributed the alarming upsurge of the influenza victims to the low vaccination rates and this year’s insufficient campaigns to raise public awareness due to lack of funds.

“The investment of funds into public awareness campaigns and prevention is fundamental to safeguard public health,” centre head Tzeni Kourea Kremastinou said on Tuesday, as Greek doctors working in state hospitals protested against cost-cutting reforms in the sector.

Under a new health law which goes into effect this week. health clinics run by the national healthcare organization EOPYY will shut down for a month for an overhaul of primary healthcare services….

EPAM Greece EPAM Greece

Feb 19,2014

ATHENS, Feb. 18 (Xinhua) — The death toll from the flu more than doubled in a week across Greece reaching 43 fatalities this winter, among them two children.

The patients had been infected with various types of the influenza virus — in particularly the H1N1 strand — and died of complications, according to the latest data

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